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Welcome all,

In this guide I will cover the basic aspects of Grand Companies, how to join them, and various other topics that people might find useful. Let's begin!

Tables of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Company Seals
  3. Joining a Grand Company
  4. Receiving Grand Company Promotions


What are the Grand Companies of Eorzea?
The Grand Companies are military and technological factions of each respective city-state that they represent. If you're interested in their specific background stories and lore, check out Grand Companies of Eorzea Official Page.

What purpose do the Grand Companies serve?
As of FFXIV version 1.21a, the Grand Companies provide a means to deliver content to players whether it be quests, story narration, items, and other miscellaneous perks. Grand Companies are currently leaving the door open for Square-Enix to add new content regarding the development of Eorzea pre-2.0.

Company Seals

What are Company Seals?
Company seals are a form of currency earned from your Grand Company.

What can I do with these seals?
Grand Companies offer many goods in exchange for company seals. Some of these items include chocobo license (your own personal chocobo), chocobo barding, equipment, weapons, survival/engineering manuals, and more! However, each Grand Company has its own company seals which cannot be used at any other Grand Company.

NOTE: Chocobo barding is a type of armor for your chocobo, which is currently has no purpose other than decoration. Survival/Enginnering manuals are consumable items that give +50% experience points bonus for a certain amount of exp (listed on the manual). Survival manuals are ONLY for gethering classes (Miner, Botanist, Fisher) while engineering manuals are ONLY for crafting classes (Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Alchemist, Culinarian).

How can I obtain more company seals?
There are many ways to earn company seals such as completing company quests, or caravan escorting (repeatable mini-quests). One of the NPCs at your Grand Company's counter offers company seals for specific items, materials, and equipment (obtained in dungeons).

Joining a Grand Company

Why should I join a Grand Company?
Grand Companies offer many benefits to players, even more so after officially joining one. Some of these benefits include additional quests and company seals which has its own section following this one.

How do you join a Grand Company?
In order to join a Grand Company you must be at least level 22 or higher, then you must complete 5 quests for each city-state. Each quest will be offered one after the other. The quests that must be completed are outlined below.

NOTE: Quests that are marked as "DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE" are not necessary to join a Grand Company but are necessary for other content in FFXIV. It is recommended that Into the Dark (<any city>) be completed after officially joining a Grand Company.

The Maelstrom (Limsa Lominsa):
  • The Price of Integrity
  • Testing the Waters
  • Seals for the Whorl
  • Engineering Victory
  • An Officer and a Wise Man
  • Into the Dark (Limsa Lominsa) ← DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE
  • Imperial Devices (Limsa Lominsa) ← DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE

The Order of the Twin Adder (Gridania):
  • Breaking the Seals
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes
  • Adder's Nest Egg
  • The Mail Must Get Through
  • Their Finest Hour
  • Into the Dark (Gridania) ← DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE
  • Imperial Devices (Gridania) ← DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE

The Immortal Flames (Ul'dah):
  • Career Opportunities
  • Kindling a Flame
  • Burning a Hole in One's Pocket
  • Arms Race
  • Burning Man
  • Into the Dark (Ul'dah) ← DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE
  • Imperial Devices (Ul'dah) ← DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE

If you have any troubles or get lost during a quest, refer to your journal: select the quest and check the map button in the bottom left corner of the new window (shows you where to go).

Completing these quests will earn you experience points and company seals for their respective Grand Company. It is IMPORTANT to remember that once you officially join a Grand Company, you will lose all company seals earned from other Grand Companies and will be unable to complete quests for a different Grand Company. It is advised that you spend all your company seals from the Grand Companies you do not wish to join prior to officially joining a Grand Company.

Receiving Grand Company Promotions

What do Grand Company promotions do?
Receiving promotions advances your rank in the Grand Company (much like the military). Advancing through the ranks expands the amount and quality of goods that can be purchased with company seals at your Grand Company. Gaining higher ranks also unlocks additional quests from your Grand Company.

How do I receive a promotion?
The first step in receiving a promotion is to speak with the quest-issuing NPC at your Grand Company and choose “Small Talk” followed by “Promotion”. Upon doing so, the NPC will require you to pay a fee in company seals for your new rank. In addition to paying, you must have completed a specific Grand Company quest to advance to your new rank.

This concludes this brief introductory guide to the Grand Companies of Eorzea! Good luck adventurer!

Additional Note: If there is anything that I forget to include or that I didn't explain fully, please let me know. If you have an suggestions or caught any spelling/grammar errors, also let me know.

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